Baia Gallery Publications at Thomas J. Watson Library, MET NY.

May, 2024

The Watson Library of the Metropolitan Museum of New York wishes to upload catalogs of Baia Gallery to their online page and place printed editions in the library.

In 2001, the Watson Library initiated a project to curate a collection of exhibition catalogs from contemporary art galleries. The library has amassed over 23,000 publications from sixty countries – in ten languages. Contemporary art galleries donate their catalogs to them. These donations have opened up opportunities for international art exposure and research.

From now on, all catalogs published by Baia Gallery will be part of this project.

We offer information about the gallery’s publications, which will now be accessible on our website and on the library’s international online platform for researchers and enthusiasts interested in Georgian art.

Baia Gallery explores the art of the 20th and 21st centuries and publishes books and catalogs about this process.

Art of the 20th Century – these publications are significant for researching cultural heritage from private collections and discovering unknown material.

Art of the 21st Century – these publications feature a series of exhibition catalogs of contemporary artists.

Forty four editions of Baia Gallery catalogs will now be in the Watson Library. Each new edition will be added too. All the artists who work with our gallery will now have a place in the online space of the Metropolitan Museum Library and will be available for research and viewing.

It is of great importance for us to garner the attention of this esteemed museum. Our gallery would like to thank the Metropolitan Museum of Art and Watson Library for their attention!

List of catalogs: ‘Georgian Art’ 1995, ‘Painting, Ceramic’ 1996, ‘Georgian Art’ exhibition in Baku 1955, ‘Art Market’ #1, #2 2002-2003, ‘Fantastic City’ 2005, Auction of Georgian Art ‘Opera’ 2006, Oleg Timchenko ‘Nostalgia’ 2007, Nika Kazbegi 2008, ‘Starting Space. XX Century, Georgian Modernism From Private Collections’ 2008, Elene Akhvlediani ‘Paintings from Private Collections’ 2009, Irakli Parjiani ‘Sketch, Illustration’ 2010, ‘Kote Marjanishvili and Theatre Painting 2010, Tamaz Kakabadze 2011, ‘Collection’ 2011, ‘Georgian Painting From Private Collections’ 2011, Irakli Parjiani ‘Berlin Cycle, Odyssea, Children’s Bible’ 2011, ‘Hop Gallerists’ 2012, Merab Abramishvili 2012, Merab Abramishvili ‘Inaccessible Gardens’ 2016, Anton Balanchivadze ‘Gardens’ 2018, Collection ‘Masterpieces of Modern Art, Prints & Multiplies’ 2019, ‘David Kakabadze 130’ 2019, ‘Nino Kipshidze, Textile Appliqué’ 2020, ‘Collection’ (4 Volumes) 2020-2021, Irakli Parjiani 2021, ‘Elene Akhvlediani and Her Era’ 2021, Alisa Yoffe ‘War Crimes’ 2022, Vakho Bugadze ‘Caucasian Orangery’ 2022, Tutu Kiladze, Goika Mouchiashvili ‘The Tale of Ceramics 2022, Rocko Iremashvili ‘For Our Own Safety’ 2023, Alexander Varvaridze ‘The Edge of Infinity’ 2023, Nino Kipshidze 2023, Nino Moseshvili’ 5 Vibrations’ 2023, Gega Paksashvili ‘Yellow’ 2023, Daredjane Zourabichvili, ‘A Distant Closeness’ 2023, Luca Lazar ‘Mantras in the Garden’ 2023, Guram (Hita) Kutateladze ‘The Magic of the Landscape’ 2023, Kote Sulaberidze ‘Lovely Garden’ 2023, Kako Topouria 2023, Guranda Klibadze ‘Kings and Royal Gardens’ 2024.

Those who worked on Baia Gallery Catalogs:

Baia Tsikoridze

Photo: Gia Chkhatarashvili, Guranda Anchabadze

Design: Gega Paksashvili

Translator: Tamar Janashia

Editor: Tsitsi Chakhnashvili, Carl Whetham

Gallery team: Sophia Merabishvili, Nino Chiabrishvili, Iako Rusadze, Liza Tkemaladze, Nato Shushania, Lika Lortkipanidze

Publishing: Cezanne