Icons and Paintings

April – May, 2024

19a Ingorokva Street

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Installation Views  /  Works  /  About

Installation Views  /  Works  /  About

A visual icon is a program implemented by an artist. An icon/a painting is a model of the author’s thoughts, emotions, and positions that offers an identification important only when “the image” enhances the ability to see the world, the “eye” passes from one dimension into another, overcoming the limits of visibility to transform them into a vision. The entire process is only interesting when the vision becomes the access. Visualization of sensations, emotions, feelings, and thoughts, turning them into “icons” and “humans,” is only possible when the “artist and player” perfectly knows the rules of the game and presents the conscious or unconscious world, hidden or apparent events, supernatural or mundane processes with convincing vision.

Malevich’s Black Square expresses the impossibility of conveying the absolute being a model of the expression of the unspeakable, an icon of non-painting, a project of “iconoclasticism” of the 20th century, and at the same time, carries the status of the greatest “icon” of this era. It launches a programmatic model of modern art marked by objectlessness, turning objectlessness into an object, visualization of ideas, feelings, emotions, fixation, and expansion of the indescribable. It gives birth to the process of transforming a painting into an icon.

The icon is the theme of our exhibition!

I see the smell! One of the show’s themes is using icons or paintings to visualize sensations!

We present you with “icon” models of Georgian art created in the 20th century and unite already known, acknowledged, and completely new contemporary examples and artists who already have the authority to create an icon. From March 15 to April 30, 2024, two parallel exhibitions, which operate under the shared title Icons and Paintings, and take place at both of our exhibition spaces (exhibition space of private collections at 19a P. Ingorokva Street and contemporary art space at 68 A. Razmadze street) will present to the audience changing show of the artists who speak the language of the “icons,” act through the manifestation of visions, are bold and professional “players,” are long-time collaborators of the gallery and produce unforgettable images. They are not united under one umbrella based on belonging to any movement, era, group, or trend, but because they are the most significant “players,” whose “icons” are unforgettable and have been selected by us!

The exhibition space and two shows can only accommodate some of our artists at a time. So, keep an eye on the news about the gallery as we will notify you about the shows of new artists and expositions of new works.

Along with the exhibition at the Space of Contemporary Art (68 A. Razmadze Street), you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the artists presented in digital format and purchase their catalogs and reproductions.

Baia Tsikoridze