Guranda Klibadze “Kings and Royal Gardens”


April – May, 2024

68 Razmadze Street


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Installation Views  /  Works  /  About

Installation Views  /  Works  /  About

From April 28, 2024, Baia Gallery’s contemporary art space (68 Razmadze Street) presents a personal show of Guranda Klibadze titled “Kings and Royal Gardens.”

As a result of their extremely powerful energy, the objects in the paintings and creative field of Guranda Klibadze explode like mines. A painted flower opens and flourishes in front of our eyes; the trembling body of a horse exudes the excitement of a race; the intertwined figures of “Eve and Adam” and “Medea and Jason” demonstrate the fateful interlacing of the couples’ fates; astonished by Medea’s escape, Aeetes’ body burns like a torch. These are the great themes for which the artist selects large-scale pieces of paper and bold brush strokes, enamel textures of typographic paint, and complex monotype techniques. Her enchanting magical gardens remind us of the location of oracles, the places of mysteries; the figures are mythological characters, the actions – rituals. These are the eternal themes or related motifs that fill her works with eternal energies, and flow wherever the artist shares her existential secrets.

Baia Tsikoridze

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